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Be in Niko's Sphere of Influence for a whole year!









Would you like to participate in Niko's Inner Circle Working Group for a whole year??

Every month Niko hosts ~2 hour sessions (which will be recorded) where he teaches the skills that make money in today's ever-dynamic environment and HOW to implement them so that you can drastically increase your income. 

If you've heard Niko's story, you'll know that these skills, regrettably, are NOT taught within the traditional education system (i.e., school and college), but they are the exact skills Niko grew in order to enjoy success, first as an employee and then as an entrepreneur!

Next call is on Saturday, February 4 @ 8am Los Angeles / 11am NYC / 6pm Athens / 8pm Dubai

If you haven't watched already, check out Niko's presentation around how he made his first $100,000 online:


If you sign up before the timer expires, along with the monthly Inner Circle sessions (valued at $1,999), you will receive ALL of the following:

BONUS #1: 4.5 hours of sample recordings from my How to Start & Grow an Online Knowledge Business coaching, along with all the slides and workbook (previously sold for $699).



BONUS #2: A seat in Niko's Virtual Financial Freedom Seminar in March (which will be recorded), because Niko believes that until you get your money straight, it is extremely hard to live a life free of worry (worth $999). WOW!!


BONUS #3Lifetime access to Niko's private Facebook group where he posts the daily data he uses to make financial decisions, i.e., investments (priceless).


BONUS #4: Many more valuable surprises throughout the year!

(Niko's obsesses about always giving more value)

A total value of over $3,999 for ONLY...


OR 2 payments of $397

BUT DON'T WAIT... The price WILL increase significantly when the timer is over!

Press Here Now to Accept!

Wouldn't it be silly if you declined this offer???


  • Anyone who wants to master themselves and learn how to earn more money.

  • Experienced folks know the basics, but want to uncover "golden nugget" tactics that will accelerate their results.

  • Freelancers who want a proven system for growing a steady stream of more and better clients.

  • Coaches who don't want to burn out before finding their next client.


  • Someone who wants to get rich quick.

  • Someone who blames everyone else for their circumstances.

  • Someone who doesn't want to do any work and just wants huge results.

What My Clients Had to Say:

"The one-on-one coupled with this mastermind has been transformative in ways I don't think I can verbalized. I've invested in two passive incomes since we began working together and I know for a fact I would've been way too scared to take those risks had this been a year ago. So, THANK YOU"

"The guests were excellent, the material you shared with us was of great value and your energy was contaminated. Thanks"

"The Mastermind was Great!! Very informative on how to achieve your financial goals and your dreams. The steps that you gave us was very helpful and in detail, how to overcome our fears and build a strong confidence by taking action. Thank you Niko!"

"I really find anything about real estate complicated, intimidating and just general disinteresting. But clearly, that is where the money is. I think I learned that even something that feels complex can be tackled if you don't fear it so much. This is one of the main reasons I signed up for the next Mastermind because I want to learn more about investing."

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Price will increase significantly!


Niko grew up in Rhodes, Greece and at the age of 17 went to the United States to study. He holds a BA and an MA in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology in NJ.

Since then he has lived in Washington, D.C., New York and Miami. Throughout his career, Nikos has worked for both the government and the private sector, most recently as a senior leader at a technology startup company. Throughout his career, Niko interviewed hundreds of individuals and coached numerous employees to grow into bigger positions.

Until 2017, Nikos worked at the Pentagon as a liaison officer for the US Army Department of Science and Engineering, effectively being the focal point of contact between 16,000 members of the civilian staff and the Pentagon. In 2019, he left the Federal Government to help a newly listed technology company (NYSE) set up the company’s engineering support department. Within 3 years, Nikos’s team grew by 600% and spread to 6 cities in America and India, while serving 32,000 customers.

Despite his leadership roles, Nikos calls himself a student of life. Constantly seeks guidance from world-class individuals and skilled professionals. His ability to solve complex problems, along with his desire to discover and cultivate the potential of his fellow human beings, led him to launch a coaching business.

As a high performance coach, Niko succeeds in paving the way for people from all over the world to achieve their next professional and financial goal. Niko is an accredited investor as defined by the US SEC, as a person with a net worth exceeding $1 million, excluding his primary residence. He is also the founder of Financial Freedom Mastermind, a program provides the necessary information and strategies to achieve financial independence as Nikos did under the guidance of his billionaire mentors.

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